The importance of Health and Safety in the workplace cannot be stressed enough.

Health and Safety works hand-in-hand with Food and Hygiene regulations but each has a separate identity. Health and Safety legislation covers all areas of business including the establishment where the business is conducted. It aims to safeguard the welfare of all employers and employees, contracted or sub-contracted, as well as members of the public who are directly or indirectly connected or involved with the business in question. For example, whilst Food and Hygiene deals with the temperature of the food, Health and Safety deals with the temperature of the kitchen.

A manufacturing company is also responsible for the product they manufacture and distribute to ensure that the final product is safe to use.

There is a minefield of rules, regulations, policies and procedures put in place to protect us. The fire alarm and fire exit signs have saved countless lives over the years whilst the First Aid box and a trained First Aider have frequently prevented an injury from becoming more serious. These are just examples of how Health and Safety is now a way of life and not to be thought of lightly.

In the workplace, we are bombarded with notices, posters, signs and directives. They are there with a specific purpose as an “at a glance communication” and a constant reminder — but, most importantly, to preserve lives and minimise injuries. Ultimately, we must take responsibility for ourselves and be aware that legislation is there to protect us because life is very precious and no system is infallible.

The Leisure and Hospitality Industry:

Health and Safety legislation in the Leisure and Hospitality Industry makes sure that we are provided with a safe environment for everyone connected with this versatile industry whether we entertain or are entertained.

Contract Services:

Companies that provide a service in a client’s premises such as, for example, contract catering, cleaning, maintenance (to name just a few), share the responsibility for Health and Safety equally between the client and the contract company that provides the service.


In the United Kingdom, matters relating to Health and Safety fall under the control of the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). Other countries have similar legislative bodies who oversee the Health and Safety policies and procedures of their country.

The HSE website is a great source of information and advice on Health and Safety issues that is freely available to anyone who wishes to expand their knowledge.

When it comes to Health and Safety, there are no shortcuts worth considering.